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Where's your space?

Name your price (per week)

Tips & tricks


Give your space a name

Choose a name that best describes your space.


Introduce your space

Grab guests attention with the key selling points about your space. We recommend including some of the following details:

Dimensions (length, width, height)

Features (shelving, plug sockets etc.)

Security Features (CCTV, lock, alarm etc.)


Photos of your space

Upload a clear picture of the space you have available. A great picture will increase your chances of finding the perfect guest! We recommend taking pictures in landscape for best results.

*Main Image: this will be the image seen by users when they search for spaces like yours in the area, so pick your best one!



This information will be used on our map so guests can easily find you.


Name Your Price (Per Week)

Choose what you want to charge people to fill your empty space. If you're not quite sure what to charge, why not check out similar listings in the community to get an idea of the rates in your area?