Frequently Asked Questions

  • Storing

    • What can I store?

      You can store almost any item, from boxes of clothes and household items to sports equipment, cars, Christmas decorations and hobby materials, as long as they are safe, not dangerous and legal. All items to be stored must be accepted by the Host.

      For legal and safety reasons, there are a few items which are prohibited from being stored through ShedSpace:

      • Drugs including medical/pharmaceutical supplies and equipment.

      • Combustible, flammable, hazardous or toxic materials.

      • Any food or drinks.

      • Weapons of any kind, explosives, munitions or fireworks.

      • Animals, plants, insects, fungus or bacteria.

      • Anything which is consider noxious, leaks liquid or produces gas.

      • Anything that generates noise, produces heat, may increase in size and/or burst.

      • Damp, mouldy, rotten or infested items.

    • How do I pay?

      Guests pay their rent to ShedSpace via our payment platform (Stripe). Prior to the start of the storage term, we will send Guests a payment request and will continue to do so every month until the storage term comes to an end.

    • How do you verify a Host?

      ShedSpace will verify a Host through an identity verification process. Each Host will have their identity verified via our background check partners to make sure they are who they state they are and are trustworthy.

      ShedSpace operate an open and honest Feedback and Rating system. This allows both Hosts and Guests to post accurate and honest reviews of their experiences for the benefit of future users and to ensure consistency of excellent service.

    • How secure are my belongings?

      You can specify the level of security you want from a host, whether that’s a locked door, padlock, CCTV, security lighting etc. All forms of storage will be free of damp. We ask that Guests and Hosts satisfy themselves that there are adequate security provisions in place to meet the needs of the items being stored so that it is fit for purpose.

    • What happens when I need to access my things?

      Access will vary host to host, we suggest you try and give your host as much notice as possible, then simply agree on a date and time to access your things. We suggest that this is discussed and agreed between Host and Guest at the point of agreeing your storage so both parties are happy with the level of access required?

    • What if my things get damaged?

      ShedSpace have a specifically designed insurance policy to cover guests’ belongings up to £2000 when it is in storage with a ShedSpace host. Insurance information can be found in our T&C’s, however please email if you require any further information or wish to increase this amount and we would be happy to assist.

  • Hosting

    • Are there any joining fees?

      In a word – No!

      ShedSpace is completely free for people to browse and search for space. Hosts can upload their images and information of space available completely free of charge.

    • What is premium listing?

      A premium listing is an additional extra paid for by a host (at their discretion / choice) that will enhance the presentation and prominence of the listing and its location on the search and results page.

    • What are my responsibilities as a host?

      It is the responsibility of the Host to look after Guests property and treat as if it were their own. We require that the Host ensures the storage site is well maintained to avoid any potential damage to Guest items.

      We ask that our Hosts endeavour to be responsive to enquiries and respond to bookings and communications within 24 hours of receiving messages. We understand that sometimes this is not possible with our busy lives but ask that you do your best!

    • How and when will I be paid?

      All costs associated with your storage are managed by ShedSpace and paid directly into your bank account 30 days in arrears. We will continue to provide all clients with a clear summary of how much you're getting paid and when.

    • What if I can no longer accommodate someone’s things?

      If you’re unable to continue providing storage space, you should contact your guest immediately and make them aware. We recommend giving at least one calendar months’ notice, so your guest has enough time to collect their belongings and find a new storage location.

    • What if a customer refuses to pay?

      In the unfortunate situation that a Guest stops payments for space, ShedSpace will attempt to re-establish payment. If payment is not re-established the stored items will be considered abandoned 30 days after the first missed payment. In the first instance, always contact ShedSpace on :

      It is imperative that Hosts do not handle or remove a Guest’s item yourself. ShedSpace will arrange for their removal, donation or recycling through a third-party partner.

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