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Disrupting the storage industry through community sharing.

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The world is smaller than ever, yet our neighbours may as well be aliens. Our homes are either too small for all our stuff, or there's empty space going to waste. The good thing is: these challenges fix each other. Not only that, but it's cheaper and easier than going to a selfstorage place, and the money goes directly to someone in your community (not some faceless corporation).

World, meet ShedSpace.


    Don't throw it 'away'; there's no such thing.

    Ever thrown something away because you didn't have the space? We're guessing you answered 'yes'. Brits contribute some 27 million tonnes of household waste to landfill each year, and aside from the environmental impact of that number, think about all the hobbyists whose passions were tossed out. All the tinkerers, musicians, painters, designers and sewists. We're not just throwing out our clutter. We're throwing out our livelihoods. And we don't have to. You don't have to. Because someone in your community has the space for it. So, don't put it in the ground. Put it on pause.


    Joining is free. You're insured. People are rated on trust.

    If you're borrowing space, it's free to join. The cost of the space is agreed between you and the renter. All agreements made through ShedSpace are also covered by our own insurance policy up to £2000, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your items are secure. Our renters stick to our code of conduct, and the best ones get the best visibility. That means that the community's encouraged to be helpful and friendly, which comes full circle, and shines through in everyone's experience. It's also super easy to get started. Just sign up, key in your postcode and you're off.


    Space means freedom. For everybody.

    So, go look in your shed, loft or garage. If it's bursting at the seams, there could be someone down the road who can help to store some of it for a while. If it's the other way around, you could be make some no-hassle passive income for helping your neighbour out. (Sounds easier than getting a lodger in, right?) By joining ShedSpace today, you're bringing cash back into the community, and the gift of carefree space into people's homes. It's smart, sustainable storage. We look forward to seeing you soon.